The Story

Born out of love for the city of Angels. The sunsets, the boulevards, WeHo, Malibu, Rodeo…, the work hard, play harder ethic. In LA, if you got it, you flaunt it, either through your looks, your succes, your art or your sheer talent.

LA is a city to fall in love with, it’s the city of freedom. It’s the city that let’s you indulge in anything you desire. The city of true guilty pleasures.

In an era in which each one of us has found his or her own identity, showing the world what we love to watch, love to eat, love to do, and most certainly, love to wear…, our goal is to put that thought in the spotlight. A, minimalist but stylised, LA style spotlight.

WEAR US to flaunt your body, SHOW US to tell the world who you really are, USE US in all your art forms, COMBINE US with your sickest kicks. The world has become more eclectic than ever. Make it whatever you want it to be!  Just show ‘m…, your guilty pleasure!